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How-to: Use the Flow Log Viewer from another account

Did you know that you can use the PiaSoft Flow Log Viewer with any AWS account you own? It is not locked to the account that started it. In fact, no configuration is needed to enable another account to access it.

In the Second Account, create a new User When you first deploy the Flow Logs Viewer, our CloudFormation template created an IAM user for you to use. You will need to create the same user in the second account, and create an access / secret key pair to log in with.

Create a new Stack in AWS CloudFormation

  1. Visit (Region agnostic, we're creating a global IAM user)

  2. Click "Specify an Amazon S3 template URL"

  3. Enter this URL:

  1. Hit "Next"

  2. For "Name", enter PiaSoftFlowLogsViewerUser106 and hit "Next"

  1. On the next page, Check "I acknowledge that AWS CloudFormation might create IAM resources with custom names." and hit "Create" without changing the default values.

Create the Access Key for your new user 1. ​Visit (region agnostic, IAM users are global) 1. Click "Create Access Key" and save the access and secret key

Use that key to log in to the Flow Logs Viewer

That's all!

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