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Face off: VPC Flow Logs vs. PiaSoft

AWS didn't build VPC Flow Logs with you in mind, and the user experience shows it. PiaSoft Flow Logs Viewer was built not just to to fill in the gaps left in VPC Flow Logs, but also to transform that data into insights. Here's how PiaSoft stacks up against Amazon Flow Logs.

See complete information

Unlike Cloudwatch's limited Log Group view, PiaSoft enriches each log with more comprehensive data about your instance: its IPs, the VPC ID, its description, and more.

More easily decipher your Flow Logs

While Amazon provides nothing beyond the network interface ID, PiaSoft Flow Logs Viewer combines information from AWS Services to show you the comprehensive information you need to decipher your flow logs.

Review clear, organized data

PiaSoft instantaneously splits AWS’s raw data output into columns, and enriches the data with Reverse DNS lookups when you hover over the IP.

Quickly find the event you're looking for

Epoch time makes finding an event by a time range incredibly tedious. PiaSoft allows you to filter by date and time range (and it converts to your local timezone).

Sort to find the data you need

PiaSoft Flow Logs Viewer allows for multidimensional filtering, rather than the single-dimension filter that Amazon offers.

And, of course, we don't only compete with AWS. Some people are still spending money on big 3rd party solutions -- but PiaSoft has them beat.

Stop wasting time with AWS VPC Flow Logs, or money with Big 3rd Party Competitors. You're less than 10 minutes away from organized, enriched data. Get started with Flow Logs Viewer now.

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