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Flow Logs Viewer

Our Flow Logs Viewer makes it easy to view and analyze your VPC Flow Logs in AWS.

PiaSoft Flow Logs Viewer is a tool in the AWS Marketplace that provides clarity into your data, with filtering and sorting to help you draw conclusions quickly.

It helps you clean up your Security Groups by comparing rules against your VPC Flow logs, to find used, unused, and detached Security group rules.

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See how efficient organized data can be.

There is a wealth of information locked up in Flow Logs. Pia Software Flow Logs Viewer provides clarity into your logs, with enriched data, useful conversions, and filtering and sorting.


Pia Software Flow Logs Viewer is an AMI available in the AWS Marketplace. It takes less than 10 minutes to setup and is billed directly though your AWS account -- at just $0.03/hour or about $22/mo.

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Enriched with VPC metadata

Accessible, Functional, Insightful Data

The Flow Logs Viewer enriches your Flow Logs with vital information. It answers your questions and lets you dive deeper into the data. It quickly reveals:

  • What service is listening on port 139?

  • Which of these IPs is my private IP?

  • What is the reverse-DNS lookup for IP 172.31.91.xx?

  • Epoch time? Why can't I have human readable time?

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PiaSoft Flow Logs Viewer's main features:

  • Provides quick access to the data you’re looking for.

  • Matches your VPC Flow Logs with Security Group Rules to see which are used, unused, or detached.

  • Enriches your data with information about your VPC, so you get to the log stream you are looking for quicker.

  • Filtering and sorting to help you draw conclusions quickly.


PiaSoft Flow Logs Viewer is the fast, safe, and inexpensive tool that will save you time and frustration:

  • Instantaneous:

    • Data arrives in FLV as soon as Flow Logs receives it, so there’s no ingestion delay.

  • Secure:

    • The data never leaves your AWS account, so any security requirements are already satisfied.

  • Inexpensive, transparent pricing:

    • $0.03/hour. Use only as much as you need.

    • Charge appears on your monthly AWS bill, so there’s no vendor setup or contract needed, and no need to talk to pushy sales people.


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